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August 07, 2006

Green Ideas Realized - Autodesk

Everywhere Media has design and deployed an online center for sustainability for Autodesk. It can be viewed here

Autodesk wants to express their corporate philosophy on sustainability. Our strategy includes different levels of media delivery and interactivity. The corporate page design features Carol Bartz and other Autodesk executives with Flash video pieces expressing Autodesk's belief that sustainable development is good for business and business is good for sustainable development.

Top level messages inclue specific projects around the globe and Autodesk’s role.

Secondary pages, linked from the corporate overview pages lead to a program specific landing page, that features a video message from the host (luminary) from the series. At this stage, Brad Pitt has signed on and will be the key host for the series. The host will talk about what sustainability really means, the role of corporations and (specifically) how Autodesk is taking a leadership role.

That piece leads the viewer into.......The online community.
This is where the wiki, blog, resources, outtakes and participation etc... all live and is the area that is updated regularly and fed to the world via RSS and other syndication tools.

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