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August 04, 2006

Autodesk Monster House

Autodesk needed a way to leverage it’s ongoing sponsorship of Discovery Channel’s Monster House series.  They wanted to build an online episode center which every week would be updated to feature the latest program and highlight how Autodesk’s AutoCAD product  helped to bring that weeks vision to reality.

The center needed to be accessed through a corporate landing page which featured a video highlighting the sponsorship. Visit the Site

The requirements were that the center:
> Map to Corporate standards for web publishing
> Create an online community
> Allows for easy publishing
> Is simple to replicate 
> Is very cost effective
> Presents measurable calls to action

Working closely with Autodesk’s internal web-team, Everywhere Media designed, built and deployed a platform  which addressed each of the requirements.  The environment uses the latest web publishing tools to manage locked down templates which conform to Autodesk’s strict web publishing standards.  The center lives away from the corporate web site, which allows for easy publishing, without compromising home site security. Each week, the creative team crafts, and publishes content (text and images) which supports the current week’s program.  The result is a rich, dynamic environment designed to alleviate demand on internal resources while, at the same time, assuring consistency of quality. 

Additionally, Everywhere Media, produced a 2.5 minute video highlighting how Autodesk works behind the scenes in making the show a success.

Measuring Success:
The center delivers a number of actionable offers to the viewer. Included are, the actual architectural drawings used in the show, an Autodesk DWF Reader to read those drawings, and various 30 day product trials. Each of these offers are coded and tracked to the center. In addition the center itself is set-up to measure click-throughs and streams initiated.

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