Green Ideas Realized - Autodesk

Everywhere Media has design and deployed an online center for sustainability for Autodesk. It can be viewed here

Autodesk wants to express their corporate philosophy on sustainability. Our strategy includes different levels of media delivery and interactivity. The corporate page design features Carol Bartz and other Autodesk executives with Flash video pieces expressing Autodesk's belief that sustainable development is good for business and business is good for sustainable development.


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The Healing Mind

The Healing Mind sells audio cd’s of guided imagery. Up to now, these cd’s are ordered and fulfilled manually. The company wishes to increase sales and profitability by building a vibrant e-commerce community.

The community needs keep the customer engaged (on an ongoing basis), deliver an easy to use shopping experience, add efficiency to order processing, and increase traffic to the site. The site can be viewed here.


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Sun Education Commons

Sun Microsystem’s Education needed to build an open and transparent system of communication between educators, designers and systems builders. The goal was to create and open forum for the exchange of ideas and sharing of resources. See the live site here

Everywhere Media is designing and implementing an online community which is architected to facilitate and ongoing conversation between these entities. Sharing and participation will be key.


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Autodesk Monster House

Autodesk needed a way to leverage it’s ongoing sponsorship of Discovery Channel’s Monster House series.  They wanted to build an online episode center which every week would be updated to feature the latest program and highlight how Autodesk’s AutoCAD product  helped to bring that weeks vision to reality.

The center needed to be accessed through a corporate landing page which featured a video highlighting the sponsorship. Visit the Site


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