What We're About


The world is getting smaller

Everywhere Media, was founded (in 2001) on the premise that the Internet is bringing the world to everyone's doorstep. In order to succeed today, all businesses (from the smallest mom and pop shop all the way up to the largest corporations) need to build sales, marketing, and communication programs which have a strong web element involved. Our mission is to design, build and deploy a web presence that fits our clients requirements.


It doesn't have to be a battle

We believe that the web is ready for primetime. It no longer has to be a hair pulling battle to manage an online presence. The web is now a conversation, and Everywhere Media helps faciliate that conversation. Think of us as the navigator for your digital journey.

We keep up-to-date on all of the latest tools and technologies available and transfer that knowledge on to our clients.

At Everywhere Media, we are passionate about the web. We were there at the very beginning. David Howard, founder of Everywhere Media, spent 15 years at Sun Microsystems where he built awarding winning content, commuitiies and streaming video as part of Sun's branding group.

Everywhere Media offers strategic marketing communications, creative development, design, writing and content (video and audio) production for the web.

Partial Client List:
Diamond of California | Autodesk | Sun Microsystems | Siebel | The Healing Mind

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